NY’s Triborough Bridge was shut down after a U-Haul truck was abandoned mid-span.  NYPD later determined there was nothing in the truck with Arizona license plates. Witnesses reported seeing a man flee form the truck.
(Gothamist, NYT)

Lone surviving terrorist of 2008 Mumbai attacks sentenced to death by hanging.  The attack killed 166 people.  The ruling must be confirmed by a higher court.

A containment dome is being shipped out to the site of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak. The dome is expected to arrive Thursday morning and should begin operations on Monday.  The container will collect rising oil and allow the oil to be siphoned up to a storage ship.
(CNN, Marketwatch, BBC)

It is likely that the Pakistani Taliban helped coordinate the NY Times Square attack.  Not to be confused with the Afghanistan Taliban, The Pakistan group seems to have helped Faisal Shahzad plan the attack based on information Mr. Shahzad has provided investigators.

Today Briton’s cast votes in the general election to determine which party forms the next government.  650 seats in the House of Commons are up for grabs which will ultimately determine the next Prime Minister – Gordon Brown (Labour Party, Incumbent for 13 years), David Cameron (Conservative, favorite based on exit polls), or Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats, minor political party).  It is possible that none of the three parties could secure the 326 seats needed for an absolute majority in the 650 seat Parliament and, with it, an uncontested right to choose the Prime Minister.


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